Vance began his career in Honolulu where for 8 years he worked at KITV, the local ABC affiliate and learned camerawork, editing, directing – and developed his fascination with animation.


He moved to Los Angeles in 1983 to produce TV news graphics and ended up producing animated logos and graphics for ABC, NBC, CBS, Paramount Pictures, international TV stations and cable channels.


Moving to Seattle in 1990 he worked in television post-production at Pinnacle. He was also production coordinator on The Frugal Gourmet TV series, and started integrating his love of computers into his work by creating one of the first desktop video systems in the country.


Following that interest, in 1995 he became the first employee at Splash Studios. Splash developed the breakthrough interactive TV experience Piper on CD-ROM, and Vance was Director of Technology and Design.


When Splash folded, he co-founded LiveWire Interactive, where, as Creative Director, he led the design and creation of many innovative interactive projects for such clients as The Experience Music Project (Seattle), Sony of America, Microsoft, and Shell Oil.


VM Creative was formed in 2002, and specialized in creating highly effective interactive marketing experiences for Microsoft.


Fascinated by the possibilities of the iPad, and remembering his days at Splash, Vance pioneered a method for transforming an existing TV show into an interactive app for iPad by creating “Mickey Mouse Club House: Road Rally” for Disney. For three days in May 2012, “Road Rally” was the #1 app in the Apple App Store.


His very personal commitment to the creative process is matched by his mastery of the various technical aspects of interactive media design, development and production – and his love for shooting, editing, design and animation lives on.